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Hertz 24/7

Hertz 24 / 7™ Offer for Icon Parking Customers:

  • Cars By The Hour. 24/7. Hassle Free.
  • Gas & Insurance Included
  • $25 in Driving Credits for Icon Parking Customers

Hertz 24 / 7™ is a pay-as-you go car membership club, and it couldn't be simpler.  It's the luxury of having a car, without the hassles of owning one. And with zero membership fees, you only pay for the car when you use it, so you can hit the road with savings.  

Enjoy the many benefits of being a Hertz On Demand™ member:

  •  Free Membership, no annual fees
  •  Rent by the hour or by the day
  •  24/7 Vehicle Access
  •  Gas & Insurance Included
  •  180 Miles Per 24 Hour Period
  •  Luxury and Green vehicle options
  •  One Way & Round Trip Service Available (even to the airport!)
  •  Guaranteed Weekday Availability (Mon.-Thurs. in NYC)
  •  24/7 In Car Member Care 

Join for Free and use Promotional Code “ICON25” to receive $25 in Driving Credits*.     

For more information and to join for free, visit Hertz247.com/.  


*New Members only.







Environmental Benefits

Hertz 24 / 7  helps save the environment while saving you money. It lessens harmful emissions, reduces congestion and is more energy efficient than owning a car. Reserve to conserve!

Less Vehicle Congestion

Every Hertz On Demand vehicle eliminates up to 14 personal vehicles, reducing the overall number of cars on the roads. And wouldn't a traffic jam-free city be so much more pleasant?

Fewer Harmful Emissions

Fewer cars on the road means fewer CO2 emissions clogging up the air. All Hertz On Demand cars are EPA SmartWay certified. This ensures fewer air pollutants and greenhouse gases are emitted into the air. Hertz On Demand offers a vast range of Electric Vehicles, providing a zero emission mobility option for everyone.

Lower Energy Consumption

With Hertz 24/7, you use the cars only when you need them. This means less fuel on fewer trips, so it's far more energy efficient.