Icon Parking Systems

Preferred Customer Club

50% off every rate / every Icon Parking facility / all the time
Monthly customers who enroll in the ICON Preferred Customer Club can receive 50% off all day, evening, and weekend rates at 200 parking locations throughout Manhattan.

  • You must be a monthly parker with Icon Parking.
  • Click Here to complete and submit the required enrollment form.
  • There is a one-time $5 non-refundable card activation fee which will be reflected in your next invoice for monthly parking.
  • You will receive your ICON Preferred Customer Card in the mail in approximately 2-3 weeks. Once you receive your card you can immediately begin taking advantage of this incredible offer.
Terms and Conditions
  • The ICON Preferred Customer Card is to be used solely by the monthly applicant and is not valid at the parking facility where you maintain a monthly parking account.
  • The 50% discount does not apply to monthly parking rates and may not be combined with any other discount offers or coupons.
  • A $2.00 Transaction Processing Fee will be added to each parking transaction.
  • Offer does not apply to motorcycles.
  • Your monthly account must remain active to retain your membership
  • Offer subject to change.
  • To receive your 50% discount, you must present your ICON Preferred Customer Card and a valid credit card to the cashier at the time of payment. Cash payment will not be accepted for ½ price parking.
Excluded Facilities
  • L.T.G Parking Corp. 150, (Gemini Parking 150)
    150 West End Ave, NY, NY 10023
  • L.T.G Parking Corp. 165, (Gemini Parking 165)
    165 West End Ave, NY, NY 10023
  • L.T.G Parking Corp. 185, (Gemini Parking 185)
    185 West End Ave, NY, NY 10023


In addition to signing up for the ICON Preferred Customer Club Card, you can use this website to find locations near your destination and compare prices of how much it will cost to park at any of our locations.

Preferred Customer Club FAQ

  • 1. What is the Preferred Customer Club?

    The preferred customer club is an exclusive membership for our monthly customers which entitles them to park for 50% off the posted rates at over 180 Icon garages in Manhattan.

  • 2. How do I apply to become a member of the Preferred Customer Club?

    Fill out the enrollment form below online or speak to your garage manager for an application.

  • 3. How long after I apply should I expect to receive my Preferred Customer Club card (the "card")?

    Approximately 2-3 weeks.

  • 4. How much does the card cost?

    There is a one-time $5 processing and activation fee.

  • 5. Is there a monthly fee to be a member of the Preferred Customer Club?

    No, membership is free for all Icon monthly customers.

  • 6. Can I get more than one card?

    No, only one card per monthly parking space.

  • 7. When does the card expire?

    When you are no longer a monthly customer at the location your card was issued for. If you change locations or open a new account at an existing location, you must reapply for a new card and pay an additional $5 processing and activation fee.

  • 8. Can I use the card at any Icon parking garage?

    You can use the card at any Icon garage except the garage at which you are a monthly customer and the 3 garages listed on the customer loyalty page.

  • 9. Can I pay by cash when I use the card?

    No, the payment must be made by a credit card with the same last name as the member.

  • 10. What if I share the car with someone who has a different last name?

    You can add a second name to the card when you sign up for membership if you include that individual as an authorized driver of your vehicle at your monthly garage.

    If you already have a card and want to add a second driver to the card, please ensure that the individual is an authorized driver of your vehicle at the garage which you are a monthly customer and email IconPreferredCustomerClub@iconparking.com with subject "Add a Name" and include your full name, card # and name of the second person to add to the card. The new card will be sent to you in approximately 2-3 weeks. There will be a one-time $5 fee to issue a new card with a second name which will be reflected in your next monthly invoice.

  • Your originally issued card will be deactivated and should be discarded.
  • 11. What if I have more than one car?

  • You can apply to receive a card for each car that you park monthly at an Icon parking facility.

  • 12. How do I find where Icon garages are located?

    You can locate an Icon garage on the Icon website,  by looking for the orange and black icon logo or by the iphone and Android app.

  • 13. What if I lost my card?

    Email IconPreferredCustomerClub@iconparking.com with subject "Lost Card" and include your full name, the garage at which you park monthly and your monthly number and we will send you a replacement card. A one-time $5 processing and activation fee will be applied for the replacement card.

  • 14. Do you have apps for Iphone and Android users?

    Yes, we currently have apps for these platforms.

  • 15. I forgot to take my card to the garage but know my card number, can I still get the discount?

    No, in order to receive the discount you must have the card with you at checkout.

  • 16. Can I get 50% for guests that park in the garage which I am a monthly customer?

    No, the card cannot be used for guests.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please telephone us during business hours (Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm) at (877) 676-4266 and speak to an ICON Preferred Customer Club representative.