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Monthly Parking Tips

How do you find the best monthly parking rate in Manhattan?


The easiest way to lower monthly parking rates in Manhattan is to be flexible with location.

It is best to consider parking garages within a five street radius of your optimum location. There may be a garage within easy walking distance that offers dramatically lower monthly rates than the nearest facility. Supply of and demand for parking varies and rates reflect the current conditions. In a dynamic environment where properties are redeveloped and businesses relocate, the Icon Parking professional knows where to find a discounted monthly rate at a nearby facility.

Choosing a garage that’s a quick subway ride away can mean saving up to $300 a month. In our experience, many customers are willing to consider multiple options after speaking with an Icon monthly parking expert. With more garages in NYC than any other parking company, Icon is able to offer customers more choices and best value for their money.

In the map below, the area shaded in red could cost $250 more than the other areas.

Monthly Parking Rates
  • Red area = monthly rates > $400
  • Unshaded = lower monthly rates available

Customers who live in the West 80s but work & park in the West 50s keep their cars on the street near home on the weekends, and park in the garage Monday morning until Friday evening. The saving can be $300 per month or more.


If you park your car at specific times (e.g., during weeknights and weekends), garages in certain areas can offer discounted parking. For example, if you live near Midtown or a hospital, and follow a pattern of reverse commuter, you may be eligible for lower rates because the garages are typically used more heavily during the day.

Manhattan Resident Parking Tax Exemption:

Manhattan residents will save 8% per month in parking tax if they apply for the Manhattan Resident Parking Tax Exemption. Residents qualify if they park monthly, register their car at a Manhattan address and use their vehicle for personal (not commercial) use. Fill out a form from NYC.gov to apply.

Other factors that affect pricing:

Access to Car:

You may be eligible for lower rates if you only need access to your car infrequently. The options below, for example, show the type of access from the most expensive to the least:

  1. “In & out” many times each day
  2. 24 hour parking (anytime)
  3. Nights & weekends only
  4. Infrequent use
  5. Dead storage
Size of Car:

Smaller vehicles are easier to valet park than larger ones, especially for garages with obstructions (columns, ramps, elevators etc.). In some areas, these garages can only accommodate smaller vehicles and will offer a discount for smaller vehicles that “fit”.

Preferred Customer Loyalty Program:

Icon is also the only parking garage in NYC with a Preferred Customer Loyalty Program that gives 50% off day, evening and weekend rates at every Icon Parking facility in Manhattan, all the time. An Icon monthly customer living on the Upper East Side can now drive to work and save $10 per day. This is a saving of $200 per month and a tangible improvement in the commutation experience.


Because of the many factors involved in determining pricing for monthly parking, an Icon parking expert can help you find the best, personalized parking accommodation that matches the price, location, and service you require. Having 200 parking facilities in Manhattan, Icon is able to offer you options and value.